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Survey 10: Front Cover Rationale

  The last one! I had a pretty strong idea of where I wanted to go with this one at the beginning. I think the first idea most of us had was to try and fit a little of everything… Continue Reading →

Survey 7 Spread and Rationale

Ooh boy! This was a tricky one. For this, I wanted to go for a slightly different tone than the previous spread, which was more fun and playful. The left side is a little more painterly and realistic, and on… Continue Reading →

The Best of Both: James Rosenquist (1933 – 2017) (Abstract Expressionism & Pop Art)

I don’t like abstract art. I said it, it’s not a controversial opinion and I’m okay with that. I was worried I was going to have a pretty rough time writing on this era of art for that reason. Abstract… Continue Reading →

No Home, No Hope. Hobo Culture and Riding the Rails in the Great Depression (1930 – 1945)(Survey 10)

The year is 1931. A massive drought sweeps through the Midwestern United States and after decades of deep and intensive tilling, catastrophe catches up. Farms left with little to no soil structure due to these aggressive agricultural practices are devastated… Continue Reading →

The Art of Ornament: The Golden Era of Art Deco (1925 – 1930)(Survey 9)

  Perhaps one of the more ornamental art movements outside of Rococo, Art Deco rose to supremacy in the 1920s by way of the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. France being no stranger to showing off on… Continue Reading →

Thanatopsis: the Blasted Dystopian Dreamscapes of Polish Surrealist Zdzisław Beksiński (1929 – 2005) (Cubism, Dadaism & Surrealism)

[Initial Important Disclaimer for Jeff!] I know that Beksiński is not on the list of suggested artists for this period, but I wanted to take a chance on him. If you need me to pick one off of the period… Continue Reading →

But Won’t SOMEBODY Think of the CHILDREN?! or Prohibition: Hysterical Christian Moralization and the Renaissance of Black Culture in 1920s America (Survey 8)

The year is 1920. North America. Lutheran Pietist reformers sink their claws into American legislature, proclaiming a flailing, hand-wringing moral panic caused by the Satanic evils of alcohol. Christian Temperance movements force a constitutional ban on all forms of alcohol… Continue Reading →

(1905 – 1915) Death’s Black Passage: The War to End All Wars (Survey 7)

  DER KRIEG: The War to End All Wars                     The beginnings of World War 1 began with a small and quite literal bang. Tensions in the Balkans over Austro-Hungarian rule would explode… Continue Reading →

The New Objectivity and the Unflinching Eye: Otto Dix (1891 – 1969)(Expressionism, Fauvism and Early 20th Century)

  Neue Sachlichkeit: Otto Dix I thought I was going to have a bit of a struggle finding an artist I really liked for this period; expressionism is not really my cup of tea, which is not to say I… Continue Reading →

Survey 4 Rationale

  From Codex to Penny Dreadfuls: A Crash Course in Literary Mass Proliferation Rationale So as usual, I wanted to go a little overboard on this spread at the start. However, Judy’s much appreciated voice of moderation helped me realize… Continue Reading →

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