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Survey 10: Front Cover Rationale

  The last one! I had a pretty strong idea of where I wanted to go with this one at the beginning. I think the first idea most of us had was to try and fit a little of everything… Continue Reading →

Survey 7 Spread and Rationale

Ooh boy! This was a tricky one. For this, I wanted to go for a slightly different tone than the previous spread, which was more fun and playful. The left side is a little more painterly and realistic, and on… Continue Reading →

Survey 4 Rationale

  From Codex to Penny Dreadfuls: A Crash Course in Literary Mass Proliferation Rationale So as usual, I wanted to go a little overboard on this spread at the start. However, Judy’s much appreciated voice of moderation helped me realize… Continue Reading →

IDES 141 – Artifact Rationale and Reflection (35,000 – 0 CE)

Phew! All wrapped up! So for this time period, our group was Science and Technology; an interesting section to be assigned, as there’s no lack of innovation in that department, particularly towards the end of the era.   Our in… Continue Reading →

Yearbook Spread Rationale and Reflection

I thought I’d outline a bit of the rationale in this post that went into putting my yearbook spread together! Looking through some of the older spreads on the server, I was noticing a lot of folks doing something of… Continue Reading →

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