Blogpost#4:C​harles S. Anderson

interview with graphic designer charles s. anderson

Charles S. Anderson is a well-known designer who famous for thousands of anonymous commercial- arts artifacts. His works blend nostalgic pastiche with contemporary aesthetics of colour and form.

Anderson graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1981. By 1985 he joined the edgy Duffy Design Group. Most of his inspirations come from the mixture of mid-century New Bauhaus Modernism and carnivalesque pop culture. In 1989, Charles formed form his firm the Charles S. Anderson Design ( CSA) which specializes in identity development, packaging and product design. One really interesting fact about the firm is it has the French Paper Company as a long term client for over thirty years. Anderson’s long-running promotional campaign for the company, with its vintage type and logo icon, he called it ” the bonehead tyle”

CSA works have been exhibited in numerous museums worldwide such as The Permanent Collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Nouveau Salon des Cent and the Museum Für Gestaltung.


Charles S. Anderson Design

charles s. anderson design co. | Heidelberg Nexpress Posters



Blogpost#5:B​urton Kramer

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BURTON KRAMER

Burton Kramer is considered to be one of the most important Canadian designers. Throughout his time he had worked in multiple difference city. Burton began his career in Will Burtin, New York and then gone to work at Geigy under Gottfried Honegger. In 1961, he moved to Zurich, Switzerland, as Chief designer at the E. Halpern Agency. Four years later, he moved to Toronto to work on graphics and signage for Expo 67. in 1967, he founded Kramer Design Associates, creating the identity programs for the Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Museum, Ontario Educational Television and in 1974, his take on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo and identity program.

Till now, Burton’s works have been published in numerous books and journals worldwide. In 1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from ArtsToronto. In 2002, the province of Ontario awarded him the Order of Ontario for his Cultural contributions. In 2003, the Ontario College of Art&Design granted him an honorary doctorate, D.Des.

His logos and corporate identity work have been published in numerous books and journals worldwide. In 1999, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from ArtsToronto; in 2002, the Province of Ontario awarded him the Order of Ontario for his cultural contributions; and in 2003, the Ontario College of Art & Design granted him an honorary doctorate, D.Des.

In 2001, he decided to pursue fine art and many of his paintings have been shown in galleries in Europe, Mexico, Colombia, the USA and Canada.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Burton Kramer
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Burton Kramer

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Burton Kramer
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Burton Kramer painting


Blog post#3:P​aula Scher

Paula Scher

Paula Scher is considered to be one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. She has the ability to ” master conjurer of instantly familiar”

Paula Scher went to the Tyler School of Art, Pennsylvania for a Fine Arts bachelor degree in 1970. After graduation, she moved to New York City to begin her career as a layout artist for Random House’s children book division.

A large part of her career is working back and forth with CBS Records and Atlantic Records in which she produces 150 album covers for CBS. Her album cover design includes Eric Gale Ginseng Woman, Bob James’s H, One on One and Boston’s Boston. Scher got nominated for four Grammy award for her inspirational designs.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Paula Scher

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Paula Scher

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Paula Scher

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Paula Scher


Blogpost#2:G​unther Kieser

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GUNTHER KIESER

Gunther Kieser is a German graphic and sculptor. He is considered as one of the most important German designers of jazz and rock posters.

He graduated from the Arts and Crafts School in Offenbach am Main and he started his design career from 1949 as a freelance graphic designer. Until 1953 he joined studio with Hans Michel creating the agency Michel + Kieser which lasted for ten years.

From 1981 t0 1992 he was a professor of Visual Communication at UW Comprehensive University of Wuppertal. In 2002 he gained the honorary membership of German Designer Club Award. His works had appeared in the most famous museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

He managed to make music posters by visualizing the imaginary. “All of his work was done before the digital revolution,” said Hoffmann. “Everything was made by hand and taken by a good photographer.”

What made Kieser’s works of music poster so unique and popular are how it able to visualizing music to imagery so accurately and all of them look so different from each other yet kinda have the same aesthetic. His works were all done before the digital revolution( Handmade objects and taken by a good photographer) so you can see a lot of his experimenting within his work which made them look so fresh and lively.

His works:

Jazz Festival Frankfurt 94
Kieser, Newcomers
Kieser, Frieden
Gunther Kieser


Blogpost#1 Cipe Pineles

Cipe Pineles was born in 1908 in Vienna. She came to the US when she was 13 and she attended Bay Ridge High School in Bay Ridge High School in Brooklyn and later on she got a Tiffany Foundation Scholarship to Pratt Institute.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cipe Pineles

Pineles had a nearly 60-year-long career in design despite the sexism in the industry during her time. She worked for Contempora for two years then became an assistant to M.F.A Agha, the art director of Conde Nast Publications. From that one assistant job, she gained her experiences and soon became the art director for Glamour, a publication with mainly targets young women which allowed Pineles to develop her own unique style through various uses of image and type. Later on, she became the Art Director at Seventeen and Charm. In 1961 to 1972, she worked as a graphic design consultant for the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in New York, supervising the creation of branding and marketing materials for the institutions. In 1943, Pineles became the first female member of the Art Directors Club. She was later inducted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1975 and she also the only female member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. In 1984, she was honoured by the Society of Publication Designers with Herb Lubalin Award. She also received the AIGA Medal in 1996.

Out of Pineles’s contributions, she was considered as the first person to bring fine art into mainstream, mass-produced media. She commissioned fine artist such as Ad Reinhardt and Andy Warhol to illustrate articles during her time at Seventeen. Bringing different things to the attention and interest of the young public like food, household items, furniture, etc. She also brought more playful typography and visual puns to her designs.

Her work contributed to the effort to redefine the style of women’s magazines. Her efforts also contributed to the feminist movement by helping to continue to change women’s roles in society. Pineles repeatedly broke the glass ceiling in the design field.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cipe Pineles

As for Pineles personal life, she was married to two notable designers. She and William Golden were married from 1939 until his death in 1959. Then in 1961, she married Will Burtin until his death in 1972.