Sol Yoon


Visual Research II

Principles of Design Poster Series for 16th Eco Film FestivalKwon Joonho (2019) This environmental film festival poster reinterpreted and visualized various piles of garbage that are commonly seen around in a visual format. The…

Visual Research I

Direction ACC CINEMA FUND PosterAsia Culture Center, 2019 Line 《說時 TIMEFLIES》 系刊 Vol.14MCU Commercial Design Department, 2016 Space Little Red Riding HoodTang Yau Hoong Shape (3D) Metaball Animation PosterRoman Osypenko

My yearbook

My yearbook spread contains images reminiscent of the ocean, my favorite: waves, jellyfishes, and stars. The goal was to remind the main character of a fairy tale book set in the ocean. My…

About me

Project Yearbook Spread

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