Directing & Lighting

Staging the personal : a guide to safe and ethical practice
Author: Clark Baim
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Stage directing : a director’s itinerary
Author: Michael Wainstein
On the shelves at: PN2053 .W25 2019

QLab 4 : projects in video, audio, and lighting control
Author: Jeromy Hopgood
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Shaping light for video in the age of LEDs : a practical guide to the art and craft of lighting
Author: Alan Steinheimer
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Acting & Singing

Voice and Speech for Musical Theatre : A Practical Guide
On The Shelves At: MT956 .P3 2020

Black acting methods : critical approaches
Author: Sharrell D. Luckett with Tia M. Shaffer
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Multivocality : singing on the borders of identity
Author: Katherine Meizel
On the shelves at: ML1460 .M46 2020

The Introverted Actor : Practical Approaches
Authors: Rob Roznowski, Carolyn Conover, Heidi Kasevich
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