The articles published in these journals are available through Discovery from the Library home page, or browsable directly on the Intellect platform.

Applied Theatre Research profiles contemporary, innovative, unorthodox and radical practice of drama and theatre. Topics explored in this global, peer-reviewed journal include theatre in political debate, social action and dissent; theatre for development; youth theatre; theatre in schools and educational settings; theatre in therapeutic settings; theatre in prisons; theatre in health education and awareness; theatre in human services, such as aged care and hospitals; and theatre in business, commerce and conferences. (01/01/2013 – present plus back issues to 2000)

Studies in Musical Theatre provides a forum to debate a wide range of texts that articulate the musical together with the theatrical. This peer-reviewed journal brings together a variety of critical approaches to contribute to the discussion surrounding live performance, the development and form of musical theatre and its value as a cultural product in theory and practice. Here, you will find a wealth of writing encompassing everything from opera to film musical to pop video. (01/01/2007 – present)

Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance – The closely associated practices of adaptation and translation have had a central place in global cultures for centuries. Focusing on theatre, film and other media, this peer-reviewed journal discusses the place of adaptation and translation within historical and contemporary cultures. (01/01/2008 – present)

Performing Ethos: International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance – This peer-reviewed journal considers ethical questions relating to contemporary theatre and live performance. Global in scope, it provides a unique forum for rigorous scholarship and serious reflection on the ethical dimensions of a wide range of performance practices from the politically and aesthetically radical to the mainstream. (01/01/2010 – present)

Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies provides a peer-reviewed forum for scholarly and practice-based engagement with voice as a phenomenon of communication and performance, and a methodology or metaphor for analysis. Through an interdisciplinary negotiation of philosophy, practice and pedagogy, the journal draws from such disciplines as cultural studies, performance studies, inter-culturalism, linguistics, visual culture, musicology and somatics. (01/01/2016 – present)

Maska: The Performing Arts Journal is Europe’s oldest professional journal in its field. This peer-reviewed journal explores theories of contemporary theatre and dance in connection with the broader field of contemporary arts, multimedia practices, social theory and philosophy. Maska is published in both Slovenian and English. (01/01/2013 – present)

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