Popular opera in eighteenth-century France : music and entertainment before the Revolution
Author: David Charlton
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Creative research in music : informed practice, innovation and transcendence
Editors: Anna Reid, Neal Peres da Costa, and Jeanell Carrigan
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A natural history of the piano : the instrument, the music, the musicians–from Mozart to modern jazz, and everything in between
Author: Stuart Isacoff
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Structural and ornamental diatonic harmony in Western Music, C. 1700-1880
Author: Zelda Potgieter
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Analytical essays on music by women composers : concert music, 1900-1960
Editors: Laurel Parsons and Brenda Ravenscrot
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Transnational musicians : precariousness, ethnicity and gender in the creative industry
Author: Beata M. Kowalczyk
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The future of copyright in the age of artificial intelligence
Author: Aviv H. Gaon
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