So for this assignment, I was tasked to make a artifact. My teams focus was on fashion and I specifically focused on jewellry. I was originally going to make a poster advertising Edwardian jewellry, however in the end I decided not to use the illustrated poster. I didn’t exactly “make” the artifact as I just grabbed a set of jewellry that looked Edwardian from my sister (sweats nervously). Although I didn’t make the artifact, I had a lot of fun researching Edwardian jewellry and the things that they used at the time.

I set up the photo shoot, and got items from my sister that seemed in the era. I created some of the containers and the lighting near the bottom (I used my phone light and a clear vodka bottle) ,and also colour corrected some aspects of the image.

As for the text side of the spread, I decided to blend the Edwardian style and Art Nouveau styles together to create the border of the page. I think I could improve on my handwriting more, as it’s slanted and somewhat disorganized, however I think my writing is neat (I hope ahaha).

I would give myself a 6.5-7/10 since I didn’t actually make the artifact but I still spent time looking for items that corresponded to the actual time era.