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Yearbook Ending Illustration Rationale

I made a illustration for the ending page of our IDEA 22 Yearbook spread. I decided to go with a illustration of a female figure inspired by Jules Cheret, and implementing the motif of multiple objects into one illustration. I… Continue Reading →

Survey 7 SpreadSheet: Artifact for Jewellry

So for this assignment, I was tasked to make a artifact. My teams focus was on fashion and I specifically focused on jewellry. I was originally going to make a poster advertising Edwardian jewellry, however in the end I decided… Continue Reading →

Survey 4 yearbook spread

For this yearbook spread I was placed in Art and Colour for Survey 4. I had a compare and contrast spread, so I decided to compare the differences between two art movements happening around the same time, Realism and Ukiyo-e…. Continue Reading →

Yearbook Spread Reflection: Blue (35,000 BCE – 0 CE)

Yearbook Spread Reflection Oh boy was this project some fun. Overall I enjoyed the process of designing the layout of the spreads and planning out my compositions. I’m a illustrator at heart and I’ve implemented typography before in my works,… Continue Reading →

Yearbook Spread

For my yearbook spread I wanted to give off a calming and relaxing tone while maintaining a organized yet complex look. I used cool colours like blue and blue-greens in the background to further emphasize this. By having a simplistic… Continue Reading →

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