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Canadian Designers: Burton Kramer

Burton Kramer is a prominent graphic designer and artist that lives in Toronto, Ontario. Born in New York, he started to work for Will Burtin as the Assistant Art Director for “The Architectural Record” For Geigy Chemical and Pharmaceuticals in… Continue Reading →

Post Modernism: April Greiman

April Greiman is a Post Modernist designer being identified as one of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a design tool and also collaborated with Jayme Odgers on spreading the “New Wave” style to America during the 70’s-80’s…. Continue Reading →

2000-Present Technology and Tradition/New Horizons: Craig Mullins

Craig Mullins is an American digital painter born in 1964. A internationally renowned concept artist, he has created art for books, video games, and film. He holds the title of being one of the first people to pioneer in the… Continue Reading →

1990-2000 New Forms: Steve Brodner

Steve Brodner is an American satirical illustrator and caricaturist that worked for publications in America since the 1970’s. Creating a mark in the fields of journalism and graphic arts, Brodner contributed to journals such as Rolling Stones, New York Times,… Continue Reading →

1980-1990: Vivienne Flesher

Vivienne Flesher is a contemporary artist born in Brooklyn and currently resides in San Francisco. After Flesher graduated from Parsons, she thought her portfolio wasn’t presentable enough so she did paste-ups and mechanicals for Atlantic Monthly and Swank. She recalls… Continue Reading →

Super-Graphics: Lisa Strausfeld

Lisa Strausfeld is an American designer and information architect. Being born in New Jersey, she studied art history and computer science at Brown University and received a master’s degree in architecture at Harvard. She started her own software company in… Continue Reading →

Psychedelic Era: Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson is an American Graphic Designer that is best known for introducing the psychedelic movement in America. At a young age, Wilson harboured artistic interests and a love for art. Taking inspiration from Art Nouveau, Wilson created the iconic… Continue Reading →

Social Awakenings 1970-80: George Hardie

George Hardie is an illustrator and graphic designer born in Britain, and is best known for his cover album art that featured rock musicians and bands. Hardie studied at the Royal College of Art in London, and shortly after he… Continue Reading →

1960-70 Departures and Rumblings: Fred Otnes

Fred Otnes was an American Illustrator born in Junction City, Kansas. Being raised in the midwest, Otnes’ childhood would be abruptly changed as his father frequently moved around because of his work. Due to this reason, Otnes’ gained a sense… Continue Reading →

1950-60 Postwar Prosperities: Leonard Baskin

Leonard Baskin was a American Sculptor, Illustrator, Wood-Engraver, Print-maker, Graphic Artist, Writer, and Teacher; pretty amazing at the time even though there were other many multi-disciplinary artists at the time. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Baskin moved to New… Continue Reading →

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