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Survey 10: Drop the Bomb on ’em by Eminem but in Real Life

Lecture Summary Oh boy oh boy World War 2 and a lot of things happened here! Let’s all address that Hitler; was indeed a big stinking loser. Surprisingly though the things that happened during World War 2 was pretty good… Continue Reading →

Survey 9: Really Racist Bedsheet Ghosts That Are Also Terrorists (Ku Klux Klan)

Lecture Summary Oh boy what a time for Graphic Design. The Bauhaus School was founded in Weimar Germany, with Walter Gropius as it’s director. Gropius envisioned combining all art forms into one school. The students who would study in the… Continue Reading →

Survey 8: Is it called A Tire or Attire? Men’s Fashion (1915-25)

Lecture Summary This time around, we are introduced to some aspects of World War I ,and how propaganda played a important role in the war. Obviously, no one wants to fight. But because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand… Continue Reading →

Survey 7: BLING BLING CHA-CHING CHA-CHING (Accessories of the early 20th century)

Lecture Summary: Today’s lecture went more in depth towards advertisement and early 20th century design. During this time, typography and graphics were being implemented in very interesting ways. Some examples were removing certain parts of graphics to create a more… Continue Reading →

Survery 6: Art Noveau and Architecture

Lecture Summary Around the times of the 1850’s-1900’s many things were happening all at the same time. What stand out the most to me is the Art Nouveau movement. From what was discussed, Art Nouveau was the “rebirth” of old… Continue Reading →

Survey 5: Ships and Transportation in the 1850’s

Lecture Summary: In today’s lecture, the main focus was on the Industrial Revolution and how a big change happened in a short amount of time. The Kodak camera was invented and the creation of the Internal Combustion Engine further developed… Continue Reading →

Survey 4: Ideal Scenarios and Dreamy Fascinations? Let’s be “Realistic” Here…

Lecture Summary: Stream engines (not the one on your computer), Typefaces, and art movements. During the period of 1750-1850 typography took a big turn in it’s uses. With the invention of new printing methods such as the cast-iron press, steam… Continue Reading →

Survey 3: The Aspects of Religion During the Renaissance

Lecture Summary: Block Books and Baroque (1450-1750) Today’s lecture featured the introduction to different typesets as well as the development of books and media during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The first printing system was developed by Johannes Gutenburg and… Continue Reading →

Survey 2: What is the Book of Hours?

What is the Book of Hours?      The Book of Hours is a religious text containing sets of prayers, psalms, and religious texts made for the purpose of devotion to the Virgin Mary. Originating from the Psalter recited by… Continue Reading →

Survey 1 Blog Post (35,000 BCE – 0 CE)

Survey 1 Summary Communication is a familiar concept to many of us in modern day society. The ability to express our interests in many different ways has made communication intriguing and thought provoking. That same idea has been used in… Continue Reading →

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