Saul Tepper was an American Illustrator that was an American Illustrator and Songwriter. He studied under Harvey Dunn and worked with people like Albert Dorne when Tepper first started. As Tepper’s career developed, he started to make illustrations for major companies like Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Texaco. It was later on near the end of his career where he started to delve into songwriting, and in 1980 he was induced into the Society of Illustrator’s Hall of Fame.

Oil on Canvas (1926) Tepper – 001A

Without sarcasm, Tepper is a powerful illustrator. Truly a artist of the Golden Age, his use of paint and strokes is simply amazing. The compositions and detail in each piece are made carefully and intricately, something that I would love to learn someday. Definitely going to take notes from Tepper from now on ahaha.

American Magazine, “The Tall Ladder” (1932) Tepper – 005

Saturday Evening Post, “Logging Fool” (1939) Tepper – 006
Mobil, “Mobiloil Stands Up” (1931) Tepper – 009
Stetson, “Somebody Talked” (1944) Tepper – 018