Select presentations and conference papers

“Virginia Woolf and the Newly Enfranchised Reader: A Short History of Virginia Woolf’s Literary Work as Reviewed in Time and Tide (1922-1941),” 23rd Annual Virginia Woolf Conference, Vancouver BC, June 2013.

“The Believers: The Common Reader As Conceived by Virginia Woolf and David Eggers,” Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Woolf, 22ndAnnual Virginia Woolf Conference, Saskatoon SK, June 2012.

Select publications

“Cut to Screen: On Materiality and Electronic Texts,” ti-TCR number 7 | Summer 2013. Web. Co-authored with Andrew Klobucar.

“The Believers: Writers Publishing for Readers, Or Preliminary Musings on the Hogarth Press and McSweeney’s,” Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Woolf: Selected Papers for the Twenty-Second Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf. Eds. Ann Martin and Kathryn Holland. Clemson UP, 2013.

Modernist Literature: An Introduction. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.  2007. Co-author: Mary Ann Gillies.