Capilano University Academic Plan Advisory Group – 2020

The team:

My role:

Project status: In progress.

Student Research Symposium – Spring 2017 ongoing

The team: Faculty reps from Applied Behavior Analysis, Communications, Early Childhood Care & Education, and Liberal Studies in collaboration with the University’s Office of Creative Activity, Research, and Scholarship (CARS).

My role: Development and maintenance of the SRS web portal  and application forms, assistance with panel selection, and production of the symposium schedule. As of Spring 2019, this support is now provided by CARS.

Project status: Ongoing.

Capilano University ePortfolios – Fall 2016 to Spring 2018

The team: Faculty and IT Web and Instructional Technologies.

My role: Faculty lead.

The project: Building on the  work completed in the LSBA ePortfolio Pilot Project (2015/16) to expand the on-campus resources and supports for Capilano University ePortfolios, our initiatives included the Capilano University ePortfolio Peer Mentor initiative with our team of six peer mentors, the Spring 2018 ePorfolio Development Community, and hosting the 2018 AAEEBL conference. Excitingly, beginning in Fall 2018, the University’s eportfolio initiative is now housed in and supported by the Centre for Teaching Excellence.

Project completion date: June 2018.

Folio Thinking Campus Learning Community – Fall 2016 to Spring 2018

The team:  Faculty and staff from across campus.

My role: CLC facilitator

The project: Beginning in August 2016, a revolving group of faculty and staff met on a the last Friday of each month to discuss digital pedagogy and folio thinking. Through a mix of show-and-tell sessions and gatherings to discuss current literature on ePortfolios and related topics, we collectively deepened our understanding of the opportunities and practices associated with course- and program-based ePortfolio initiatives.

Project completion date: May 2018.

LSBA ePortfolio Pilot Project – 2015/2016 Academic Year

The team: 2 IT developers, 3 faculty members, and 1 peer mentor.

My role: Faculty lead.

The project: Develop, in collaboration with IT Web Service, a portfolio platform for use in the Liberal Studies BA as of Fall 2015. The primary users of the platform are all Liberal Studies students admitted into the degree program Fall 2015 onwards. The LSBA ePortfolio site and individual students sites were launched  in October 2015.

Project completion date: June 2016.

General Education Committee – Spring 2015

The team: 5 faculty members and 1 dean.

My role: Faculty of Arts and Sciences Committee Rep.

The project: This committee was struck by the VP Academic with representation from all five faculties at Capilano University to explore models for the development of a General Education program at Capilano University.

Project completion date: April 2015. For recommendations see the Report of the General Education Committee.

Capilano University ePortfolio Pilot Project – Spring 2014

The team: 12 faculty members, 1 student liaison, and 6 peer mentors.

My role: Project Lead.

The project: Capilano University received a one-time grant for short-term training activities from the Ministry of Advanced Education.  The project’s primary focus was be on the deployment of ePortfolios as a tool to facilitate transitions into post-graduate professional, vocational and/or educational opportunities. The grant was also be used to investigate the resources required to expand ePortfolio access to interested programs and individual students across the university.

Project completion date: March 2014. The project report was submitted to the VP Academic and Ministry of Advanced Education on March 31, 2014. Various project-related activities continued into the May/June faculty professional development period.