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Survey 10 Spread

This week we were tasked with working in teams to create our spreads, I was with Taylor and we did a science spread about the splitting of the atom and the identification of white dwarf stars. For this spread we… Continue Reading →

Survey #8 Spread: Out of This World Discoveries 1915-1925

For my spread I was tasked with a science spread. My group decided to research the developments in space at the time, focusing on three scientists: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Edwin Hubble and Karl Schwarzschild. Since the concepts covered in the research… Continue Reading →

Survey #5 Project: The Giant Problem

  For my spread I had to focus on geopolitical events between 1850-1895. My group decided to focus on colonization in Vietnam by the French, India by the British and Namibia by the German. The concept for my spread was… Continue Reading →

Survey 2 Artifact: Block and Roll!

Rationale For my artifact my group and I chose to research woodblock printing, also known as xylography. Instead of using wood I chose to do a linocut as that was more time and cost efficient. I had also never made… Continue Reading →

Yearbook Rationale

Following the guideline of steps to take for this project, I started out with the words that I wanted to use to describe myself. Once I had those written down I used them to determine the look and subject of… Continue Reading →

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