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Survey #10: A Not So Bomb Discovery… Or Was It?

Lecture Recap: This week we talked about design from the years 1930-1945. We talked about The Farm Security Administration in the States, and how it was a rough time in America. We also looked at how design was used in… Continue Reading →

Survey #9: Party Hardy in the Haus (the Bauhaus)

Lecture Recap: Today we talked about design between 1925-1930, particularly the Bauhaus and their effect on design. They are responsible for approaching design and art differently, combining both worlds to create makers who embodied both. They created a ton of… Continue Reading →

Survey #8: Welcome to the Jam… (Space Jam)

Lecture Recap: Today we talked about art and design between 1915 and 1925. We covered many different movements including Dadaism, Constructivism, Suprematism, Surrealism and De Stijl to name a few. Interestingly, we saw how Josephine Baker, a woman of African… Continue Reading →

Survey 7: The Bad Bois of Fashun

Lecture Summary: Cubism and Corporate Identity This week we talked about a whole bunch of new art and design movements that happened between 1910-1915. We saw the emergence of the great Frank Lloyd Wright and the principle of ‘form follows… Continue Reading →

Survey 6: Seasons of Cezanne for Susan

  Lecture Recap: Today we moved into the realm of Art Nouveau and OH MY GAAAAWWWD! There was some crazy exquisite stuff happening at that time! Art Nouveau took inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement but embraced the fast… Continue Reading →

Survey 5: The Presence No One Wants: Colonization

Lecture Recap: This week we talked about painters and posters between 1850-1895. Science developed greatly, including Darwin’s publishing of The Origin of Species. Europe was fascinated with exotic items from around the world and a lot of interesting things happened… Continue Reading →

Survey 4: Who Loves U(kiyo-e)? U Do (and Europe)!

Lecture Recap: This week we continued the conversation on the development of design between 1650 and 1750. One of the cool things that came out of this period were the modern fonts – think typefaces like Bodoni and Didot, commonly… Continue Reading →

Survey 3: An Exploration in Slavery

Lecture Recap This week we talked all about the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods. Some of the most notable developments from these periods were in type design and printing. In this time we see a lot of designers creating and… Continue Reading →

Survey 2: God and Gutenberg, Woodcut Printing

This week we talked all about books and how communication developed in writing and printing. One of the things that I thought was really neat were the Lingsberg Runestones in Sweden. The deep red colour and the swirling designs are… Continue Reading →

Survey 1

Lecture Summary: This week we talked about how handwriting developed in ancient civilizations. It was interesting to see how different cultures developed their writing from pictographs to petroglyphs, and the first alphabet, the Phoenician alphabet. I thought the Mesopotamian cylinder… Continue Reading →

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