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Blog Post 5: Carl Brett

Carl Brett was an Irish typographer born in Cork Ireland in 1928. He studied at the Crawford School of Art and moved to Canada in 1954. Upon arriving in Canada he began working at Vickers and Benson Advertising as both… Continue Reading →

Blog Post 4: Herb Lubalin

Herb Lubalin (1918-1981) was a graphic designer best known for his fabulous typography work. He studied at the Cooper Union in New York and went on to become an art director at several different agencies in town. In 1964 he… Continue Reading →

Blog 3: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon is a graphic designer best known for her large scale graphic works called ‘supergraphics’, particularly her work for The Sea Ranch in Northern California. She was a dancer and artist before she changed paths to study design… Continue Reading →

Blog 2: Günther Kieser

Günther Kieser is a German graphic designer best known for his psychedelic posters. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Offenbach. After finishing there he began working as a freelance designer for a small radio station. He started… Continue Reading →

Blog 1: Saul Bass

Saul Bass is a world-renowned graphic designer known for his minimalist and effective brand identity work, film posters et. He was born in New York City in 1920 to two Jewish immigrants. He spent his childhood drawing and as he… Continue Reading →

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