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Present Technology and New Horizons blog post

Camilla D’Errico is an Italian-Canadian illustrator who was born on September 30, 1980. Camilla was born in Ottawa and her parents are Italian immigrants. At a young age, Camilla became interested in cartoons, comics, manga, doodling, and of course, Japanese… Continue Reading →

New Forms blog post

Chris Ware(1967~present) is an American illustrator and cartoonist who was born on December 28, 1967. Ware was on born in Omaha, Nebraska where he would read superhero comics and the Peanuts cartoons in his grandparents’ basement. As a young child,… Continue Reading →

New Voices blog post

Art Spiegelman is an American illustrator who was born on February 15, 1948. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden to Polish Jewish parents but later immigrated to the United States with his parents at a young age in 1951 to… Continue Reading →

Social Awakenings blog post

George Hardie is an English illustrator and graphic designer who was born in 1944 near Chichester. Hardie’s father was in the Navy and his grandfather, Martin Hardie, was a watercolour painter and print maker in Barcelona. Through his grandfather, Hardie… Continue Reading →

Departures and Rumblings blog post

John Alcorn John Alcorn is an American commercial artist, designer, and illustrator who was born on February 10, 1935, in Corona, Queens, New York. When he was 5 years old, his family moved to Great Neck, Long Island. He was… Continue Reading →

Postwar Prosperities blog post

Andre Francois Andre Francois is a French graphic artist, cartoonist, and illustrator who was born on November 9, 1915 in Temesvar, Hungary(now part of Romania). He was the youngest child of Albert Farkas who was a Jewish businessman and Olga… Continue Reading →

Golden Age Part 2 blog post

Mead Schaeffer Mead Schaeffer was an American illustrator who was born on July 15, 1898 in Freestyle Plains, NY and grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. Schaeffer was born to a Presbyterian evangelical preacher. At the age of 7, Mead visited… Continue Reading →

The Golden Age Part 1 blog post

Russell Patterson Russell Patterson was an American illustrator, cartoonist, and scenic designer who was born on December 26, 1893 in Omaha, Nebraska. As a boy, his family moved to Montreal, Canada where he would later briefly study architecture at McGill… Continue Reading →

Illustration’s Early Masters blog post

Winsor McCay(1867?~1934) Winsor McCay is an American Illustrator and cartoonist who claims who was born in Michigan in 1871 but data and his gravestone says he was born in Ontario, Canada in 1867. Most of his early life is unknown… Continue Reading →

Beginnings of the Golden Age blog post

Walter Crane Walter Crane is a British illustrator, painter, and designer who was born on August 15, 1845, in Liverpool, England. Crane was born to portrait painter Thomas Crane and through him, Walter was exposed to art at a very… Continue Reading →

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