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WW2 propaganda: Donald Duck becomes a Nazi and betrays Uncle Sam(Survey 10:1930~1945)

How Disney made the Duck plead his allegiance to Hitler(and ruin your childhood) When the Great Depression hit America, millions of American workers became unemployed and had no job. This happened to the now famous animation company, Disney. Valued animators… Continue Reading →

New Invention (literally) Burns People’s Eyes with Astonishing Visuals(Survey 9: 1925~1930)

Behold! The Machine that will make people into future cavemen John Logie Baird was born near Glasgow in 1888 and he would become well-known as the inventor of the very first television. He studied at the Royal Technical College and… Continue Reading →

Fake News Running Rampant in Europe(Survey 8)

Countries use fake over-exaggerated posters to promote war During the advent of World War I, the European countries as well as Canada and the US, utilized propaganda as a way to convince people to join or support the war effort… Continue Reading →

Aboriginal Leader Finally Wins the Rights that the Natives God Damn deserve(Survey 7: 1905~1915)

Meet the Leader who is willing to kick ass For a long ass time, Native Americans and Canadian aboriginals have been constantly been oppressed by governments ran by old white geezers fueled with racism. Their land was stolen, forced migration,… Continue Reading →

Bring on the Worker’s Revolución!(Survey 6: 1895~1905)

Crap-tastic life Life during the Industrial Revolution was pretty rough for the average worker in the US and UK. Workers would work in factories for fourteen to sixteen hours a day for 6 days a week and would only be… Continue Reading →

Old vs New: Battle of the Skyscrapers(Survey 5: 1850~1895)

Here Comes the Big Guy Big ideas can come from small places or so they say. On March 2, 1884, American engineer and classmate of Gustav Eiffel, William Le Baron Jenney received permission to build what would be the first… Continue Reading →

Number of Pages Made Breaks Record(Survey 4: 1750~1850)

Research: EXTRA, EXTRA! More Books Coming Through! New Inventions The invention of the printing press was probably the most important invention in history when it came to communication and new ideas. Before the Gutenberg invented it, many books had to be… Continue Reading →

Hot Women’s Fashion of the Renaissance(Survey 3)

Learn what women were wearing during this period During the Renaissance, upper class women mainly wore gowns and long dresses with detachable sleeves. These dresses would be long enough to hang around the ankles and women would wear 3 or… Continue Reading →

Advancements during the High Gothic era (Survey 2: 0-1450 CE)

Growing developments in Gothic architecture From the end of the 12th century to the mid to late 13th century, new ideas started to develop in Gothic architecture. One example was the pointed arches. Vaulting a church through crosswise arches became more… Continue Reading →

Theatre in Ancient China (Survey 1: 40,000 BCE – 0 CE)

Summary In this week’s class, we learned about the evolution of communication from 40,000 BCE to 0 BCE. We learned about how people started to communicate with each other with cave paintings, pictographs, and petroglyphs. People would move on from… Continue Reading →

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