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Book end rationale

For this final spread, I was given the assignment to do the end for the book. Since this was the last page that the reader will read, I wanted to have a big formal “Thank You” note to let the… Continue Reading →

Survey 9 spread

For this spread, I was chosen to create a comparison spread about science and technology from 1925 to 1930. Since some of the major innovations during this time period were the inventions of entertainment technology such as the TV, Radio,… Continue Reading →

Survey 6 spread

For this spread, I was given the task to do an artifact. Since the period we covered was a period where labour unions and women started to become more prominent in the work industry, my goal was to convey the… Continue Reading →

Survey 3 spread

For this spread, I was given the role to design a spread about fashion throughout three time periods, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. First, I used orang watercolor paint to fill the background in order to create an old aging paper… Continue Reading →

Yearbook Spread Assignment

Rationale For my Yearbook Spread, I have decided to go for a minimalist and simplistic design. The reason why I chose this this design is because I don’t consider myself good at using watercolour or other types of paint. I… Continue Reading →

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