For this final spread, I was given the assignment to do the end for the book. Since this was the last page that the reader will read, I wanted to have a big formal “Thank You” note to let the reader know how much we appreciatedĀ that they read the book and give a final message about art and design. I did some sketches and originally I had planned to have the “thank you” in 3d and have collages of famous historical figures and works surrounding it. But I realized that the design would look very 80s-ish and not very formal. After some thinking, I decided the best way was to have a simple floral pattern design that looked extravagant because it would be a simple yet formal way to say the reader goodbye. I looked up some references online and sketched out the design. I borrowed a glitter gel pen that had a bronze shiny look to it in order to make the design look more professional. I outlined the sketch and filled certain areas with the gel pen. After that, I left a big open space in the middle that had the “thank you” and the message. I handwrote the “thank you” and printed out the message and glued it on. I felt that printing the message would be better because it looked clean and I handwrote the title to give a slight more authenticity.

I was overall happy with the design. There are some areas that need some touching up and the alignment isn’t correct on the pattern but overall it looks very extravagant and simple. I’d give it an 8/10.