Blog Post #8 Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp is known as one of the few artists that sent shockwaves across the art world and the fact that he refused to be categorized in a single art movement further solidified him as a Dada artist for me just because of that nonsensical nature. Additionally, Duchamp was known for his wit, unexpected humor and sexual innuendo. This focus on the linguistics and messages behind art over literal/fine art interpretations paved the way for Conceptual art with him at the forefront. His artwork¬†Fountain¬†in particular is a favourite simply because of the debate and conversation it sparks even until today. What started off as an offhand, elaborate joke ended up being extremely influential and important to the movement, which in the end, is quite fitting for what the movement stands for. Additionally, it even coined the term “Ready-made” which aided in the dispute over what can be considered art. In my grade 12 class we would have monthly discussion on what we considered art and Duchamp’s fountain would often be used to justify the claim that everything is art as long as you say it is.

Image result for nude descending a staircase
Nude Descending A Staircase (c. 1912)
Image result for duchamp fountain
Fountain (c. 1917)
Image result for 3 Standard Stoppages (1913-14)
3 Standard Stoppages (c. 1913-14)
Related image
The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, or The Large Glass (c. 1915-1923)
Related image
L.H.O.O.Q (c. 1919)


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