Capilano’s Liberal Studies BA is an interdisciplinary arts degree.

In spirit of individualized majors programs, our students design their own course of study. In addition to their four Liberal Studies core courses in Years 1 through 3, the students select courses from within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences with the option to explore further afield depending on their research interests.

The degree culminates in three exploratory one-on-one Liberal Studies Tutorials, in which the students determine a course of research for their graduating project, followed by the Grad Project itself.

Every Fall and Spring term, the Liberal Studies community gathers for the biannual LSBA Grad Showcase to celebrate our students’ accomplishments with a series of public presentations.

As the LSBA Grad Project Archive is designed to illustrate, the Graduating Projects completed by Liberal Studies students are as varied as their post-degree adventures.

Liberal Studies graduates have gone on to train as teachers, librarians, lawyers, and financial planners; continue their studies in masters and doctoral programmes in Canada and abroad; or enter the workforce in a variety of sectors.