Holly Tang began her studies at Capilano when it was redesignated a university. After a handful of semesters, she left to complete associate degrees in Psychology and Health Sciences at another institution. With the desire to complete a bachelor’s program, yet unsure of the path she wanted to pursue, Holly returned to Capilano where she came to realize that the flexibility and creative freedom found in the Liberal Studies BA provided her a chance to explore a mash-up of topics that she would not have been able to do so elsewhere. She is grateful to her advisors for their knowledge, patience and guidance.

Grad project: Green Is Not Just A Colour

Holly’s project explores the significance of the theory of Jungian archetypes, the role of artists, and how archetypes, symbols, and/or objects continue to appear in different works of art universally. By looking at of how art is used to express pressing concerns of healing and the environment at both a local and global level, a deeper understanding of art not as a purely aesthetic phenomenon but as a language that can address fundamental issues in a trans-cultural way can be explored. Furthermore, this project draws attention to how certain objects, symbols or visual representations can be traced across diverse societies and contexts, potentially providing a cohesive, cross-cultural frame of reference.

Project advisor: Efraft El-Hanany (Art History)

Tutorial advisors: Rita Isola (Sociology), Jeanne Mikita (Geography), and Charles Greenberg (Geography)

Resources: Chris Jordan and Andy Goldsworthy.