Taylor Smith has served on the board of directors at the Capilano Students Union since 2013.  She is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in VICE, Huffington Post, and rabble.ca. Last summer, her VICE article generated over 300,000 views and has been referenced as a resource for homeless organizations across Canada and the US, and featured in Capilano University’s Student Success Manual.

Grad Project: Undefined Labour: Palliative Caregiving and Domestic Work – Exploring Women’s Labour Issues in Canada

Taylor’s project emerges out of her experiences as a palliative live-in caregiver at nineteen and twenty while attending university. This project is an in-depth look into the complex world of how women navigate their lives around the forces of work, poverty, and mainstream labor laws.Through research, writing, and literature this project explores the scope of various labor struggles within Canada that still exist today for women

Project Advisor: Reg Johanson (English)

Tutorial Advisors: Michael Begg (Legal Studies), Graham Cook (Sociology), and Reg Johanson (English)