Personal Resume

For my resume, I chose to cater it towards video game companies like EA. A goal of mine is to work in the gaming industry at some point in my life, so I thought it would be fun to base this resume on that! I chose a pixelated, retro aesthetic because I find it pairs well with the gaming industry, as well it captures my “geeky” personality.

Because I have a lot of work experience, I tried to be as succinct as possible so it wasn’t too text heavy. I thought I did a good job of balancing the space that I had available, while also adequately detailing my work experience.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with the result, but there is obviously some room for improvement. I would give myself a 7.5/10.

Sustainability Manifesto

For my Sustainability Manifesto, I took into consideration a theme that I believe is fundamental in sustainable design: transparency. We’re so often swayed by attractive design and aesthetics that we often forget to consider how sustainable a product or service may truly be. A foundation in truth is required to gain trust, and when paired with tasteful aesthetics, can help the product or service to succeed.

For my poster, I kept things minimal, writing included. I tried to be succinct with my beliefs, as my goal was to get the point across as simply as possible. Since my theme was transparency, it was an obvious choice to include transparency effects in my design. The Monstera leaf ties to the environmental sustainability, and it’s overlayed with the type to create a unique effect.

Overall, I would give myself an 8/10. I believe I got the point across, but more tweaking of the overall composition might help with getting the message across.

No references were used, as I chose to write the manifesto based on my personal beliefs.