Post Modernism: Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Koons

is an American artist known for working with popular culture subjects and his reproductions of banal objects, such as balloonImage result for jeff koons animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces.

He is the epitome of Neo-Pop, a 1980s movement that looked to earlier Pop artists, particularly Warhol, for inspiration. His steel Balloon Dog sculptures, probably his best-known works, transpose an ephemeral childhood memory into an enduring form. His work looks cheap, but is expensive, an ingenious reversal of economic logic that forms the basis for his stunning commercial success.

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Steel Baloon Dog sculpture

Balloon Flower (Red)

Koons’ most famous works to date are the towering sculptures inspired by balloon animals. This one stands over ten feet tall and weighs in excess of a ton. Its sumptuous skin, according to the artist, is intended to “manipulate and seduce,” like the Baroque decor of Christian cathedrals. Like the cheap, shiny rubber it is meant to imitate, the surface of Balloon Flower evokes the eternal appeal of precious metal.

Balloon Flower (Red)

Rendering of Play-Doh

For generations of adults, from the baby boomers to millennials, the mere sight of Play-Doh is nostalgic, conjuring the scent and tactile appeal of this strange, yet calming synthetic substance.

Rendering of Play- Doh



2 thoughts on “Post Modernism: Jeff Koons”

  1. Marina,

    Good finish to your blog posts for this term! Your three choices, Tanguy, Lichtenstein and Koons have a subtle connection, esp. Lichtenstein and Koons. I’ll assume you were aware of that. Good research and personal feelings about the artists themselves. Weel done.
    I also gave you an 8/10 for your PK on David Hockney.


  2. Marina,
    Okay your score on the final quiz was 33.5/50 so a wee bit of an improvement from the midterm but still lots of room for improvement.
    Marks and comments on Assignment 5: Expressionist Portrait- 7.5/10, Impressionist Landscape- 6.5/10. A few things here. I like the use of bold colours on the portrait but the background looks a bit decorative and the happy face seems at odds with an Expressionist approach. Landscape brushwork is okay but could have used more colour in all areas.
    Anyhow hope you have a great Christmas Break and see you in the NY.


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