Natahsha Prakash is a fourth year student in the Liberal Studies BA by way of Capilano’s Associate of Arts in English. Her passion for service and involvement on campus has allowed her to reflect on work-life balance, stress management and mindfulness. Aside from governance, Natahsha is a small-business owner specializing in graphic design and wedding and music photography. Her other passions include pottery, hiking, painting, and western thought.

Grad Project: Work-Life Balance: The Art of Mindfulness at Work

Workers describe their work responsibilities as overwhelming, stating the long hours and requirements become increasingly demanding. Technology now requires that we take our work wherever we go, a constant connection with no off switch. The imbalance of work and personal life has waged a war on the human body, allowing for chronic stress to impact our mental, physical and emotional health. The solution lies in work-life balance practices, using mindfulness strategies to alleviate the stress of our daily lives – allowing us to prioritize between what has to get done, and what we want to do.

Project Advisor: Lori Walker (Communications)

Tutorial Advisors: Joseph Fall (Computing Science), Graham Cook (Sociology), and Janet Waters (Psychology)

Resources: Uber Productive Blog and neueproductivity web resource site.