A fourth year Liberal Studies student with aspirations of pursuing a career in law, Randip Hundal enjoys meeting new people and making friends. She is extremely passionate about human rights and gender equality. Randip is currently volunteering with Syrian refugees through the Immigrant Services Society of BC.

Grad Project: Violence Against South Asian Women in North America

This project looks at violence against South Asian women living in North America. The research has four distinct components. The first is a series of case studies examining the life experiences of South Asian women in North America. The second examines the coping strategies specific to this community. The third section explores the cultural barriers that contribute to the violence in the first place. The fourth and final component assesses support available from the community and the current efforts to put an end to this violence.

Project Advisors: Ramjee Parajulee (Political Studies) and Kirsten McIlveen (Geography)

Tutorial Advisors: Ramjee Parajulee (Political Studies), Ed Lavalle (Political Studies) and Kirsten McIlveen (Geography)