Thomas Pankratz is a fifth-year Liberal Studies student who has focused his studies in History, Sociology, and Political Studies. His previous tutorials and graduating project explore the impact of globalization around the world. Passionate about creating positive change in his immediate community, Thomas volunteers with a North Shore youth group.Grad Project: The Impact of Social Exclusion Within Vancouver As A Result of Globalization

With the increase in neoliberal policies in force within the city of Vancouver, globalization has occurred at a rapid pace. As a result of these rapid changes, the ensuing social exclusion has created a series of divides within the city. Thomas’s grad project takes the form of a case study of the city of Vancouver conducted to examine and analyze the impacts of social exclusion and globalization upon the community.

Project Advisor: Charles Greenberg (Geography)

Tutorial Advisors: Gillian Crowther (Anthropology), Cam Sylvester (Political Studies), Tim Schouls (Political Studies) and Cheryl Schreader (Geography)