History spread #3 rationale


          I chose to make a spread comparing the style between Bauhaus and Art Decor. When I did my research, I found that Bauhaus and Art have two completely different style and beside producing furniture they also make art and others object so I corporate them to my spread to emphasize the differences between the two movement. I also attempted to suggest the differences by using two type of typography, while ” Bauhaus” is bold lettering with heavy outline, ” Art Deco” is more decorative. Also, the two-chair image which I used are two great examples of Bauhaus and Art decor product. While the Wassily chair is quite modern looking, the Dragon chair is more complicate with dragon heads carve to the chair handle and the one common point about the two chair is their design are both influenced by something else. Finally, I highlight key works to compare and contrast between the two movement.

             I quite satisfy with the final product since I think that I had convey all the important information so I would give myself 8.5.



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