Action Project Proposal

  1. Implement a paper recycling bin at my place of employment: I work in a small retail shop that has a bin and a compost but oddly enough, not a recycling bin. Like most businesses, we go through a lot of paper for one thing or another but we do not have any measures for recycling. Recycling seems like such an easy thing we can do to protect our environment and I have been debating taking action for a while. However, the shop is apart of a large building management that has multiple shop and business as tenants and any proposal I have would have to be approved by them.
    For this action project I plan to do the following:
    – research was options businesses have with the City of Vancouver in terms of   recycling bins and determine what if and what the cost would be
    – write a proposal to the building manager to implement it
    – if the outcome is negative, I will need to research what options we have as an independent shop.
  2. Stop snacking out: I am often proud of myself for not drinking fizzy drinks, therefore contributing less waste to the world and to my body, however, one of my biggest contributes to personal waist is store bought snacks. I often have craving for sweet things like chocolate bars and no will power to prevent myself from buying them–almost every school day I buy something from the vending machine. These snacks almost always come in some form of wrapper that gets wasted. My proposed plan for February is to make my own waste-free snacks at home and bringing them with me in containers for snacks. I will prepare a snack schedule for the month that I have to adhere to using up a lot of the ingredients I already have in my cupboard to also reduce food waste.
  3. Turn off the taps when brushing my teeth: This is a small thing that I am guilty of. Often when I brush my teeth, I get in the habit of daydreaming and forget to turn off the tap which wastes water and energy. For the month of february, I am going to train myself to turn off the water right away and therefor getting myself into a routine that will last well beyond the month.

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