Action Project

For the month of February, our Geography teacher challenged us to think critically about the environment and our effect on it. Our task was to think of changes or actions we can make in our habits; or to even create or participate in an event that lessen the impact we have on our environment.

Due to me being out of the country for most of February, I knew that the actions I would take would have to be easily adaptable and flexible. I couldn’t choose to ride a bicycle to work every day or go to an even that I would be away for. I decided to focus on my own habits and the small changes I could make to lessen my own ecological footprint. I focused first on my own eating habits, and how I could create less waste when I am out and about. Secondly, I looked critically at the way I use water and stopped taking it for granted, and lastly, I looked at implementing a paper recycling system at work.

  1. Changing Snacking Habits
  2. What a waste (of Water)
  3. Workplace Recycling