Post Write – Critical Analysis



Litterio, A. Power of Words. Digital Image. Wikipedia. Web. 26 May 2011
Litterio, A. Power of Words. Digital Image.  Wikipedia. Web. 26 May 2011

 Module 3: Writing to Respond.

In module three, I learned how to properly analyse and deconstruct texts so that I can view them from different academic standpoints. From there I was taught how to build my argument in order to support, disagree or slightly differ from the original writer’s thesis to back my own. Before this class I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish between MLA and APA but now I understand the basic differences and know where to find answers I don’t know. I used these new skills to build my argument for my critical analysis on Raja Shehadeh’s essay, Mother’s House. Knowing how to write a critical analysis effectively certainly will be beneficial to understanding how to construct university work in the future but it’s the ability to critically think that will be the most valuable to me in my Liberal Studies program. One of the most prevalent aspects to my degree is the capability to view situations from multiple perspectives. The skills I’ve gained though this module to review and evaluate texts with a critical mind can further be used to examine a problem or notion in order to reflect on the many facets each one could potentially enclose and consider them in an unbiased manner. These new skills and attitudes can only be an asset to my university career as I continue to learn and grow as a writer.