PRJ 5: “History is our cup of Tea” History Book Cover

The idea for this cover came sort of out of the blue, which I guess most good ideas come from. But nevertheless, Thea, Rocio and I agreed that this was a really fun direction to take our cover and thus it was birthed!

The colour scheme for this project was based on a coffee picture we found, and we thought that it had great contrast and made the subject feel whimsical.

Цветовая палитра №3141

Initially, we chose the teacup with coffee because we felt that it was an original idea. But personally, I feel that it welcomes readers to sit comfortably, sipping a warm drink, while cracking this open. It’s a perfect balance between calm and chaos as it has pieces of history spilling out along with the coffee. I think the mixed media we used in the spread also contributes well to the whimsy.

We chose a continuous layout for this spread (despite Judy’s objections) because we felt that consistency was important. The same vivacious scene could not be re-enacted just on one page!

I would give this spread a 9.5/10 because I think it works very well! There are small things that could be changed (The lettering is a tiny bit wobbly and squished, the background a tiny bit blotchy), but other than that I’m proud of it. All three of us contributed equally to the process and I’m pretty proud of that as well.

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