My name is Anna Tsybulnyk. I’ve been raised in Ukraine, the town of Kharkov, where I have spent most of my life. Since both of my parents were creative people, my own creativity started to show in my drawings. At eight years old, I started education at an art school named after “Ilya Repin” where I grew a passion for art that soon became my hobby. There I have improved my skills and knowledge of classical art. At the age of twelve, I have moved to Canada where I continued studying art at a private art school called “Vancouver Fine Art Atelier”. At this point, art became a bigger part of my life, much bigger than just a hobby, but more of an academic interest. Capilano University became my top pick and after looking at many different art programs offered, like picture motion or 3D modeling, I settled on IDES program of graphic design. After finding my area of study, I began my journey towards my future career of design. Art, just as any other profession, is a great contribution to our society which I hope on sharing with the world in form of my creative illustrations and designs.