Gestalt Theory

In this design, the artist uses the element of closure to depict an image of two swans. Their bodies are hollowed out to let the views eyes see the shape of their neck creating a stunning effect of feeling in each other.

In this design, the artist painted a vibrant pink river that is drawn in a way that the view will be bound to imagine the river continuing off the page.

Visual Design Principles

In this graphic, the designer is careful with the weight of all the text and gets the viewer’s eyes to follow the direction he wants. He puts the main focus “Sanctuary in yellow font to contrast with everything else and draws the viewer’s eyes first. He then has space In big bold letters which draws the eyes then JoJI next. After those main points the viewer can look at the smaller less significant text and examine the beautiful graphic art in the middle.

In this design, the designer uses contrast in texture to create visual emphasis in different areas. Because the face has the most detail and in contrast with the head, the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to it. Then it would normally bounce to the clouds because it has more texture than the stripes and circle, but because the stripes are bright pink our eyes may tend to go to that first.