Mentor Project – Phase 3

During my previous meeting with my mentors, we had discussed typefaces and how it was next to impossible to pick a typeface in isolation to the logo. So, during the most recent meeting, I showed both my mentors a matrix I had made using combining different typefaces and placements with a quick mockup of the logo. Additionally, in our last meeting, we agreed that it would make more sense to have a pair of boots instead of a single one. So the matrix included variants of how the boots could be placed alongside each other. We decided on a typeface and I was advised to make some proportional fixes.

Moving forward I’ve started creating the shapes in illustrator. I’m finding this part difficult, even though I’ve worked with adobe illustrator before (though not as much as others). I find that I’m often frustrated with how much longer it takes me to accomplish anything in illustrator. Additionally, something always gets lost in the translation and the digital version. I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of practice or some other kind of user error on my part, but I hope I can counteract it more this time.

So far I feel like I’m at a 6/10, I feel nervous about the actual execution of the plan. Ideally, I can finish this project with a higher score.

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