By holding a gallery show containing art which is made up of work and performances by indigenous young artists, we are able to highlight the voices of Indigenous youth and through their art spread the perspective of a younger generations. The title “Unsettle” refers to decolonization in that Canadians must become unsettled and put themselves in a state of mind where they are capable of seeing, firsthand how colonialism has affected indigenous people to this day. “Unsettle” also refers to decolonization in that the art at this show is trying to acknowledge the impact of settlers. The show is a good step in reconciliation because the visibility and understanding of young indigenous artists in being promoted.



Sara and I are giving ourselves a 9.5 out of 10 for our project. Our solution is successful at promoting young artist and successfully accomplishes the problems set out in the brief. Our solution to the brief contributes to the ongoing issue of decolonization in Canada.