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November 2017

So you think texting in class (TIC) is bad for others – just not for you

Harrison and Gilmore (as cited in Dietz & Henrich, 2014) found that students self-reported texting not only in class, but also at work, while taking a shower, attending a religious service, and even while having sex! And many researchers have… Continue Reading →

Does everyone text in class?

“But everyone does it!” Is addiction to using your mobile phone universal? Do all students use their phones frequently and inappropriately, such as texting in class? No. It depends on your personality traits. Roberts, Pullig and Manolis (2015) looked at… Continue Reading →

Does multitasking impair studying? Experiment found it depends on the situation

Here’s a series of experiments that were done to see if multitasking while reading on screen or listening to a lecture impaired comprehension and time. Pashler, Kang and Renita (2013) looked at 1) the time spent reading and 2) comprehension… Continue Reading →

Another solution to texting in class

And here’s another study that hints at a solution to texting in class. A study of self-control suggests that “situation selection” is rated by students as the significantly most effective strategy (in this case, not bringing the phone to the… Continue Reading →

What can help students stop the impulse to text in class!

What can help you resist? Mindfulness! So…. the impulse to look at an incoming text in class – and worse, respond – seems hard to resist. As Miller and Brannon (2017) note, the research suggests that students do recognize that… Continue Reading →

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