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April 2018

What does Facebook know about you?

The Persuasion Machine of Silicon Valley. On The Passionate Eye. Fascinating – and scary – stuff. http://www.cbc.ca/passionateeye/episodes/the-persuasion-machine-of-silicon-valley Did  you know your on-line behaviour reflects your Big 5 Personality traits, interests, preferences, occupation, intelligence, hobbies,  political preferences, religiosity? Really, all about… Continue Reading →

“I am my phone”!

Our phones, like our other tech, and like our belongings, spaces, even our clothes, reflect – and may be become a part of – our identity. Gosling, Ko, Mannarelli and Morris (2002) and other researchers have noted that a person’s… Continue Reading →

Tech Breaks – should we or shouldn’t we?

Should we have tech breaks in class to allow the addiction/distraction temporary free reign, as Rosen has suggested? Plus side to brief tech breaks: Students may be less tempted to check their phones if they know there will be a… Continue Reading →

“Drawn to Distraction” – the student experience

Aagard (2016) recently studied tech distraction in class with a qualitative study of the student experience of off-task use of technology. Instead of surveys, he used qualitative methods such as participant observations and indepth interviews. As I’ve noted in other… Continue Reading →

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