My first post in my research blog – my research question!

Beginning your research, the very first step is to be clear on your topic. What is your research question? What are you wanting to study?

The research question for my research study is: In this era of facebook and text distractions, how have students’ study habits, distractions, and reading comprehension changed in recent years? What are the good, the bad and the ugly effects of our digital age on students (and on the rest of us), with its 24/7 connectivity, its tech dependence and its multiple distractions? Has there been an effect on learning and attention, on reading and studying? And ultimately on academic achievement? What strategies do students (and the rest of us) use to cope with the compelling allure of tech distractions?

I’ll be starting with a literature review of the many many studies psychology researchers have been conducting on this topic in the last few years, then continuing with my own research findings. I’ll be blogging what I’m finding as I comb through the journal articles for the past research.

Watch for future posts!