Currently I’m on a research sabbatical, studying the effects of our digital age on students’ (and on the rest of us) learning, attention, memory, reading and studying, and ultimately on academic achievement.

Most years I teach Introductory Psychology, Theories of Personality, Cognitive Psychology (and 3rd year topics in Cognitive Psychology), History of Psychology, and Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology, Music Therapy and Liberal Studies. I also teach Applied Psychology courses when we offer them, such as Organizational Behaviour, Interpersonal Relationships, Conservation Psychology, and Approaches to Treatment and Psychotherapy.

Last year, courses I taught include:

Spring 2017

Cognitive Psychology (Psyc 230)
History of Psychology (Psyc 203)
Research Methods and Statistics (MT 462)
Re-figuring (LBST 201)
LBST Tutorials

Fall 2016

Introduction to Psychology
Theories of Personality (Psyc 220)
Interpersonal Relationships (Psyc 300)
LBST 330 (Research Methods)
LBST Tutorials