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January 2018


Check out the pages in the Literature Review site – I’ll be posting some theories about why our tech is so irresistible and distracting and addictive. I’ll be summarizing Cognitive/Attentional Resource theory Knowledge and Intellectual Resource theory Relational Resource theory… Continue Reading →

How can technology improve student success and engagement

As a student, you want to be successful – attain a good GPA. Gain knowledge and understanding of your discipline. Develop skills, such as research, writing, presenting, math, critical thinking, meta-cognition, self-reflection, and discipline-specific skills. Be able to think deeply… Continue Reading →

Mix of personality traits among roommates

Should an exuberant extrovert roommate with a good friend who is a very quiet introvert? If roommates have very different personality traits, such as a party animal extrovert and a quiet introvert, they may have difficulties getting along, as you… Continue Reading →

Laptops in class not so great either!

“Laptop multitasking hinders classroom learning for both users and nearby peers”. According to experimental research by Sana, Weston, and Cepeda (2013), trying to multitask on your laptop during class distracts you, and even more, distracts the students around you. In their… Continue Reading →

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