Logo Concepts – Personal Reflection

Concept 1 – Initials 

The first concept revolves around my initials and the opportunity in the union of the p and the r. The leg of the r can be swapped in for different applications and ideas, and to show different aspects of my brand. My initials are fairly recognizable, partially just because of the length, so it should be able to stand on its own. 

Concept 2 – Graphic & Illustrative

The second concept is a reference to my surname and a connection to the idea of delivering the message. More specifically, my first last name Palomar means “pigeon/dove coop”, which has a connection to the idea of homing pigeons and messages/ers. Additionally, the logo is a marriage between graphic shapes (the head of the pigeon) and looser more illustrative lines which demonstrates the work I do.

Concept 3- Stamp 

The final concept is a stamp which is also a work of the idea of delivering messages and pigeons as explained in concept 2. Additionally, this concept has the additional advantage of working well with most of my work. The majority of my work is illustration, so a stamp-like icon with weight will work great as an anchor piece that won’t get lost. 

I’ve found this process very difficult, determining who I am both as a person has a demanding task. Especially as I’ve found that the work I produce doesn’t necessarily reflect the person I am, the two occasionally outright contradict each other. For example, I love neutral colors and feel like they represent the kind of person I am more, thus I designed my business cards accordingly. Unfortunately, my portfolio would suggest otherwise. The work I’m most proud of tends to have a very loud, eye-catching colour palette. I would benefit from learning from some more restraint when it comes to colors. Moving forward I need to find how to reconcile these contradictions to create cohesion instead of friction. As difficult as I’m finding the process, I’m optimistic about where I hope to end up.

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