Our group was assigned to research on geo-political subjects in 1925-30. At the end, I decided to break the topic down into two major events after WWI – “The Great Depression” and “The Weimar Republic”.

Since these 5 years had certainly been a depressing time for most countries, I thought using desaturated and dark background would better demonstrate the distressing atmosphere. The two figures depict the poverty, riots manifested by the Great Depression. On the other hand, the Weimar Republic flag on fire symbolizes how this “unofficial historical designation” was not helping the German citizens in their economic hardship and sufferings.

I would give myself 7 out of 10 for the spread. I was overall pretty satisfied the atmosphere of this piece, but I also feel like the illustrations still need a little bit of work. I found the painting process more challenging than sketching out ideas and planning layouts. I especially find painting the two figures most challenging because it was rather hard to blend acrylic paint on paper. Nevertheless, it was a great learning process for me to sharpen my painting skills!