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142 Survey 13: Canadian Designers Today

The 1960-70s was essentially the golden time that put Canadian design on the map. Most noticeably, Canadian designers like Allan Fleming and Burton Kramer left a lasting legacy designing brand systems for some of the most successful Canadian brands. Burton… Continue Reading →

142 Survey 8: Postmodernism

Post modernism Design: New Wave, Retro and Vernacular Design While Modernists see “less is more”, Postmodernist went against the current and say “less is a bore” . Essentially, Postmodernism was a philosophy and art movement emerged in the 70s as… Continue Reading →

142 Survey 7: Supergraphics

The origin of Supergraphics can be traced to its introduction along with Supermannerism back in the 1960s. With the generation embracing free expressions and the 60s American urban culture/art, the application of graphic elements and International Typographic Style to architecture… Continue Reading →

142 Survey 5: The Psychedelic

Psychedelia and the Psychedelic movement 1960-1975 It’s surely interesting to see how the 60s aesthetics went to flip side of the coin from the 50s! Within just a mere decade or two, the minimalist and modern New York art style… Continue Reading →

142 Survey 3: Advertising

This week’s survey highlights some really innovative modern design! In particular, I was completely blown away by the works of American graphic designer as well as academy award winning filmmaker, Saul Bass (1920 –1996). Instead of opting for a photographic or… Continue Reading →

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