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141 Survey 10: Hollywood!

Lecture: Fortune and The Führer (1930-45) This week’s lecture covered the period from the Great Depression, the rise of the Nazi to the end of World War Two. With 30% of the American workforce being unemployed, industries came out with… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 9: Economy Crashing Down..

Lecture: Colour Theory and Cool Type (1925-1930)   This week’s lecture focused on the new design principles and standards set by designers of the Bauhaus School of arts and crafts in Germany and Art Deco in France. Some really talented… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 8: The Harlem Renaissance

Lecture: Charlestons and communists (1915 – 1925) No doubt the biggest event during this timeframe was World War I. Having an immediate need to recruit citizens fighting in battlefield and raising war bonds, the WWI in 1914-18 established the importance of… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 7: Silent Films?

Lecture: Cubism and Corporate Identity (1905-1915) This timeframe no doubt has some interesting advancement! In this week’s lecture, we learnt about the development in worlds of architecture, graphic design and product design. The modern approach of “Forms follow function” is something… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 6: The Modern Olympic Games

Lecture: Dreams and Designers (1895 – 1905) The highlight of this week’s lecture is the transition from the Arts and Crafts movement to the Art Nouveau style. As a reaction to the poor quality of industrial production, the two movements borrowed… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 5: The Victorian Era

Lecture: Painters And Posters (1850 – 1895) The highlight of this week’s lecture was the comeback of craftsmanship in art and design. As a reaction of mass production in Industrial Revolution, artists, designers and architects like William Morris and Charles Robert… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 4: Industrial Revolution

Lecture: Steam & The Speed of Light (1750 – 1850) Fun Fact (Throwback to 141 Survey 3!): Did you know that the book of hours by the Limbourg brothers cost the buyer an entire farm to trade in the 15th century? Crazy,… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 3: The Golden Age of Science

Lecture: Block books and Baroque (1450 – 1750)  In this week’s Survey, we travelled back to the time of scientific revolution. Covering the artistic movements from the Renaissance, Baroque to Rococo in 1450 – 1750, it was the period of… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 2: The Invention of Printing Press

Lecture: God and Gutenberg (0 – 1450)       In this week’s Survey, we explored the invention of printing technique and new writing surfaces in mainly Europe and Asia. Followed the late Before Common Era, we got to learn… Continue Reading →

141 Survey 1: The Beginning of Written Communication

Lecture: Handprint & Handwriting ( 35,000 BCE – 0 CE) In our 141 Survey 1 on 35,000 BCE to 0 CE, we traced back to the earliest evolution of written communication systems in different parts of the world including the… Continue Reading →

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