This week’s survey highlights some really innovative modern design! In particular, I was completely blown away by the works of American graphic designer as well as academy award winning filmmaker, Saul Bass (1920 –1996). Instead of opting for a photographic or illustrative approach, Saul Bass conveyed powerful messages with abstract, geometric marks that resembles paper-cutouts.

Link: Anatomy of a Murder’s Title Sequence

Film posters like The Man with the Golden Arm and The Shining and title sequence like Anatomy of a Murder, for instance, demonstrate Saul Bass’ sophisticated concepts as the Art Director. Though most of the shapes he used seem spontaneous, they often have a clear structure through alignment, and minimal colour palettes.

Needless to say, Saul Bass also designed some groundbreaking corporate logos for clients like Bell System, AT&T and United Airlines. His signature modernist style is also evident in his corporate logo design.

Saul Bass’ creative solutions for film and corporate identity are truly game-changing! No wonder why many of these logos still remind the same after many decades.