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“Index” Yearbook Page

I was assigned to do the index for our IDEA 22 history yearbook. The brainstorming process started with me doing thumbnail sketches with different themes (ancient greek/roman, avant-garde styles inspired by modern art/design movements). At the end, I decided to… Continue Reading →

“The Devastating Turmoil in 1925-30” Yearbook Spread

Our group was assigned to research on geo-political subjects in 1925-30. At the end, I decided to break the topic down into two major events after WWI – “The Great Depression” and “The Weimar Republic”. Since these 5 years had… Continue Reading →

“From Ancient To Modern Olympics” Yearbook Spread

For this yearbook spread, I was assigned to do a comparison within the scope of culture. I decided that doing a historical comparison of ancient and modern Olympic Games comparison will be an interesting approach to show its evolution. The… Continue Reading →

“The Study of Biology in Renaissance” Yearbook Spread

Our group was focusing on the scope of Science and Technology in the Renaissance period. With the abundance of creations and major developments we got in this timeframe, it was certainly an interesting topic to recreate. Nevertheless, it was no… Continue Reading →

“Music & Cityscape” Yearbook Spread

My Yearbook Spread: Music & Cityscape Creative Process The music-themed design for the yearbook spread was inspired by my passion for music. During the brainstorming phase, I did a few different layouts and I tried adjusting the composition with text… Continue Reading →

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